Scientific Writing

It is critical to understand the important elements of a scientific paper and how to most effectively describe research results in the context of your manuscript. While writing your paper can seem like an afterthought compared to years of work in the lab, the way you convey your findings can have a profound impact on editors, reviewers, and your readers. Here are some resources to help you maximize the potential of your next ACS paper.

Mastering the Art of Scientific Publication

ACS editors are highly experienced researchers full of valuable observations from years of running top journals. We’ve collected a number of their top suggestions about making your research stand out and clearly conveying your findings into a virtual issue entitled "Mastering the Art of Scientific Publication." Visit the issue to learn more about writing cover letters, employing best practices for citations, writing compelling results and methods sections, choosing the best title, and much more.

Before You Write Your Paper

Writing a good paper starts well before you type the first letter. Link your data together to tell a story to your peers (and the world). And remember to start early! Don’t wait until all the data is complete, because your results may take you in a new direction with additional controls or experiments. Find out more with these ACS Author University videos:

How to Write a Scientific Article: Find the Story

How to Write a Scientific Article: When Should You Start Writing Your Research Article?

Getting Started Writing Your Paper

With your story in mind, the next step is turning that into a written document that is ready to share. In the ACS Author University videos below, ACS editors share their tips for starting with an outline, preparing your figures, and much more, so you can use your time efficiently and produce a top-quality draft.

How Do You Start Writing a Paper? Create an Outline

How Do You Start Writing a Paper? Create the Figures

How Do You Start Writing a Paper? Tips from ACS Editors

Best of luck with your next paper! We hope you’ll consider submitting to an ACS journal when it’s ready.