Publishing with ACS

As a society publisher, ACS is dedicated to advancing science and serving the needs of the scientific community through the publication of scientific research. At ACS, we are committed to helping you throughout every step of the research and publication cycle.

The Publishing Process

The many steps required to publish your newest findings can be overwhelming, but ACS Publications has collected a wide array of resources to help. Visit our page describing the Publishing Process to learn more about staying on top of the latest research, preparing and submitting your manuscript, going through peer review, and sharing your paper when it’s published.

The Benefits of Publishing with ACS

ACS is proud to be a nonprofit society publisher supporting the publication of important research from scientists around the world through world-class editors and journals. Learn more about how ACS works to enable the widespread, rapid sharing of new research by providing a range of open access options and keeping publication times to a minimum.

Book Publishing

In addition to publishing journals that lead their fields, ACS publishes eBooks on timely topics written by preeminent scholars. Visit the overview of ACS Books to learn more about how these exceptional resources are proposed, submitted, and published.

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

Research simply isn’t possible without funding to support your time and obtain the resources you require. Visit our continually updated page detailing grant and fellowship opportunities from ACS and beyond. You can also find information on awards presented by ACS and others to recognize the outstanding contributions of students and recent graduates.

List of ACS Journals

ACS strives to be the most trusted, most cited, and most read provider of chemistry-related information, and our collection of journals is a big part of this mission. Click here to learn more about ACS Publications and the top-quality journals of all types that you can choose from.