Publishing and research integrity are critical to ensuring the reliability, credibility, and accuracy of published research. ACS Publications is committed to supporting the global research community and the advancement of trusted science through the promotion of equitable, reproducible, and ethical publication policies and practices.

The ACS Publishing Integrity Office oversees the following three core areas within the ACS journals portfolio:

The Publishing Integrity Office works in several capacities:

  • Policy: Evaluate, maintain, and develop portfolio-wide policies, guidelines, and standards

  • Education: Provide training and educational resources for staff, editors, authors, and reviewers, including best practice recommendations

  • Consultation: Advise and support editorial staff and journal editors on reported issues and questions

  • Partnership & Collaboration: Engage with other publishers and organizations to drive positive change and stay up to date with community developments and standards


To contact the ACS Publishing Integrity Office, please email

For concerns or questions related to ACS journal content, please contact the relevant ACS journal editorial office. Contact information can be found on individual journal webpages.

For concerns related to the conduct of ACS Editors, Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members, or reviewers regarding the peer review process, the  ACS Publications Ombudsperson may be contacted.